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My latest Shea butter recipe - hope you like :-) →

My First Shea Butter Press Release :-)



Ideally my husbands TLC, but if he is not around at the right time, I go for a walk with my dogs or take a nice long bath where I take the time for some pampering - I use shea butter as a moisturizer for my skin and as a hair conditioner. After that I feel much better :-) 

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Top Tips on How To Use Unrefined & Raw Shea Butter 

This quick video will give you an overview of how to use and benefit from Shea butter. 

One of the best ways to be successful in using the Shea butter is to ensure you have a quality product, make sure it is 100% Shea with no additives. Most Shea butters you can buy in the shops have a small percentage of Shea in them, while they are easier applied, they do not have the best health benefits. 

Our African Shea butter however is unrefined, raw and purely natural. Even the trees & nuts used by the women to produce the butter - are organically grown, NO pesticides, additives or preservatives are used - hence it is in reality organic but as it is not certified we can not claim it is. 

Shea butter has a multitude of uses, you an use Sheabutter for hair as a conditioner, as moisturizer of dry and itchy skin and to alleviating acne problems. Even psoriasis and eczema sufferers are reporting great results when using Shea butter for their skin and face. Great for stretch marks too. Can safely be used on babies and infants.  

Using Shea butter is the best improvement you can make to your daily skin & hair routine.

Here is the Shea Butter Recipe, I mentioned in the video.


  1. Shea butter, 
  2. Coconut oil
  3. Essential oil 
  4. In a medium sized bowl use your electric hand held mixer to whip about 1 cup of raw Shea butter. 
  5. Once the Shea butter has become nice & fluffy, simply add a few tables spoons of coconut oil (start with 2-3 tbs but you can feel it when it is right). You can adjust the amount of oil added, based on your skin & hair needs. Continue whipping and once the oils are mixed in properly add a few drops (15-20 drops) of your favourite essential oils.
  6. If you, like me, want something really relaxing try lavender or if you like the smell of citrus try lemon. 
  7. Poor it into a jar and store it in an air tight jar and enjoy! 

So if you want to get your hands on some purely natural, 100% Shea butter, I recommend you take a serious look at this site. It holds the key to your beautiful looking skin & hair, if you can spare 2 minutes, then your time and effort won’t be lost. Want your own unrefined, raw and purely natural Shea butter today? 

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Pure Unrefined Shea Butter is not intended for the use in treatment for specific medical diseases. For treatment of health ailments, please seek diagnosis and recommendations from a licensed practitioner or health care provider. We can take no responsibility for use or misuse of information provided